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Android Beta

Learn how to test the new Android app

It finally happened. Structured has arrived on Android. We are super excited about this and can’t wait to get it into more people's hands.

Remember that this is a work-in-progess version and we will continually improve it and add new features. Right now, the app is also completely free, but as more features are added, some will require a Structured Pro subscription. Don’t worry, early beta testers will get a nice discount.

You can download the beta here:

Reporting Bugs

If you stumble upon a bug, we’d love to know! You can either join our Community Slack channel and post it in the #android-beta channel or contact us with the button below.

Any information about the devices and OS you are using, plus screenshots/screenrecordings are greatly appreciate.

Supported Features

Since this is still an early version of the Android app, not everything from the iOS app is supported straight away. We are continuing to add features. Here is a (non-extensive) list of missing features

  • Timeline
    • 🚧 Copying all tasks from a previous day is not supported
    • 🚧 Drag and drop doesn’t work yet
  • Inbox
    • 🚧 Completed tasks are not yet grouped in a separate section
  • Creating and editing tasks
    • 🚧 Only a subset of the icons are supported
    • 🚧 The automatic icon recommend does not work yet
    • 🚧 Tasks can only have one of the four standard colors. Custom color are not supported yet.
    • 🚧 Timezones are not supported yet
    • 🚧 Changing the duration presets is not supported yet
    • 🚧 Reordering subtasks does not work yet
  • Structured Assistant
    • 🚧 The Structured Assistant is not supported yet
  • Structured Pro
    • 🚧 The is no pro version of the app yet.
  • Integrations
    • 🚧 Syncing with a calendar is not supported yet
    • 🚧 Syncing with a todo list is not supported yet
    • 🚧 The one sec integration is not yet supported
  • Settings
    • 🚧 You can’t yet choose a custom theme, but you can pick of the standard themes
    • 🚧 Simplified and Minimal layouts are not supported yet
    • 🚧 The dyslexic font is not supported yet
    • 🚧 Changing the app icon is not supported yet
    • 🚧 Changing the first weekday is not supported yet
    • 🚧 You can’t yet back up your tasks and settings
  • Notifications
    • 🚧 Notifications are not supported yet
  • Sync
    • 🚧 You can’t yet sync your tasks across different devices. Also syncing with the iOS/macOS app is not supported yet.
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