How to Use the Inbox


The Inbox is the perfect place for your do-do list. Use it to store any task you have to do, which does not have a specific time or date. Whenever you find time to accomplish a task, you can simply move it from the inbox into your timeline to integrate it into your day. You can find the Inbox under the ūü†button at the top (on your phone) or in the sidebar (on iPad and Mac).

Create an Inbox Task

Inbox tasks are similar to any other task, just without an assigned date and time. Here, you can create a new task by tapping the plus sign in the top-right corner of the Inbox. Type a title for your task, select an icon, and choose the length of time the task will probably take you to accomplish. The time of the task will be depicted as In the Inbox. After tapping Create Task the task will be added to your Inbox.

You can also move an existing task from your timeline into your inbox. For this, either use drag & drop or edit the task and select Add to Inbox in the time settings. After you save the changes, the task will appear in your Inbox.

Add an Inbox Task to Your Timeline

Once you know when you want to accomplish a task from your inbox, you can add it to your timeline by tapping the plus sign next to the title of the task. This will open the Edit window and allow you to enter a time and day for the task. After you tap Add Task, your task will be removed from the Inbox and appear on your timeline. You can also move a task to the timeline via drag & drop.

Import Reminders to The Inbox

If you're using Structured Pro, you can import your to-do list from the Reminders app into your Inbox. From there, you can add them to your schedule like normal tasks. To learn how to enable the Reminders integration, checkout How to Import Your To-Do Lists into Structured.

Template Tasks

Sometimes you have tasks that you have to do on an irregular basis. Instead of creating a new task every time or using recurring tasks, you can just create a template task in your Inbox and copy it into your timeline when you need it.

To achieve this, simply create a normal task in the Inbox. Whenever you want to add that task to your timeline, tap the respective task, select More and tap Duplicate. This will automatically open the duplicated task, where you can use the Add Time option in the When? section to schedule your task in your timeline. As soon as you are done with scheduling, tap on Duplicate Task. That way, your duplicated task will be scheduled in your timeline, the template task will stay in the Inbox and you can do this process over and over again.