How to Create, Edit & Delete Tasks

Structured has two places for your tasks. The timeline and the inbox. In your timeline you can save all the tasks you want to do at a specific date and time. The rest of your tasks belong in the inbox. Creating, editing and deleting tasks works almost the same for your timeline and inbox. To find out more about the inbox, check out: How to Use the Inbox.

Create a task

There are two ways of creating a task on your timeline. The first one is to tap the large plus symbol in the lower right corner. Alternatively, you can tap on Add task in a free time slot.

After choosing a title and icon, you can set a time for your task. Use the When? and How long? options to select a time point and duration for your task. There are some default options for the duration of your task, but if your task takes a different amount of time, simply tap on More…. Here, you can choose any duration in hours and minutes.

You can also change the preset of depicted durations to better fit your needs. If your task starts on the day before or extends into the next day, you will see a little -1 or +1 symbol next to the time.

After setting a time, you can change the color of the task, set an alert, and add a subtask or note. When you are finished creating your task, tap on Create task and it will appear on your timeline.

Subtasks & notes

Some tasks consist of several parts or steps or just need a little bit of extra information. To keep track of every aspect of your task, you can use subtasks and notes. In the subtask section you can record every step of your work out, items for your grocery list, or to-dos of your cleaning process. You can check these items off, just as normal tasks. The notes section is for things you have to remember about your task but don’t need to be checked off, like addresses, phone numbers, or short reminders.

After adding subtasks or a note, your task will have a little symbol next to it in the timeline. To check off a subtask or read the note, simply tap on the task.

Copy a task

If you want to duplicate a task, you can tap on it and select Copy. You can then edit the task to take place on another day or on the same day at a different time. Also, you can adapt the color, name, and icon of the task. After you have made your changes, tap Copy task to apply them. Note that you cannot copy multiple tasks at once.

If there is enough room on your timeline, you can duplicate an entire day and insert it into the gap. This can be useful when you are planning multiple similar days, for example when you are studying for exams. Recurring tasks and imported events will not be copied in this process.

Edit & delete a task

To edit an existing task, simply tap on it and select Edit task. Here you can change every setting you have chosen before. When you are finished with applying your changes, tap on Update task.

To delete a task, tap on it and select Delete. Note that you can only delete one task at a time. Also, you can’t delete all of your completed tasks at once because we want you to be able to see what you have accomplished that day. If you wish to delete every single task, you can use the reset function, but be aware that this is not reversible.