How to Enable Notifications & Alerts

Structured can send you notifications and alerts to remind you about tasks and to-dos. With push notifications and alerts, you can be sure to never miss an important deadline or appointment.

Activate Notifications

To activate notifications, go into the ⚙️ Structured Settings and select the Notifications & Alerts entry.

You first need to give Structured the permission to send notifications to your device. For this, tap Enable in Settings and select the Notifications entry in your device's settings. Here, you can activate notifications for Structured. Now, you can go back to the ⚙️ Structured Settings and enable notifications on this device.

In this settings menu, you can also choose a notification sound and apply further modifications to your notifications. To learn about how to create the perfect notifications that best fit your needs, check out: How to customize notifications.

Interact with push notifications

If you tap and hold a push notification, a small menu will pop up. There you have the option to either edit the task or mark it as complete. This way, you can check off a task from your timeline without opening the app.


If you are not receiving notifications, check out: Why am I not getting notifications?