How to Import Your To-Do Lists into Structured

This feature is not available on Android yet 🤖

Structured can import your to-do lists from the Apple Reminders app. Imported to-dos will appear as normal tasks in your inbox or your timeline.

Please note that these are premium features that require Structured Pro, currently also only available on iOS.

Compatible apps

You can import tasks from any to-do list that is compatible with the Apple Reminders app into Structured. One example of this is Outlook. Not compatible, on the other hand, are tasks from other apps like: Todoist, Things 3, AnyDo & Google Tasks.

Add your account

To import a to-do list into Structured, you first have to add the account of the to-do list app to your device. If you want to import tasks in from the Apple Reminders app or have already added the account of your to-do list, you can skip these steps and head to the next section.

To add an account to your device, follow these steps:

  1. Open the ⚙️ Settings app

  2. Scroll down, tap Reminders and then Accounts

  3. Tap Add Account, select your provider, and enter your credentials

Make sure that Apple Reminders is enabled for that account, and check whether the to-dos of the added account appear in the Reminders app. Now, your to-do list is ready to be imported into Structured.

Import your to-do list

To import your to-do list into Structured, open the ⚙️ Structured Settings and then select the Reminders entry. Here, tap on Allow Access to enable Structured to access the app on your device.

Now, you can select the to-do lists you want to import into Structured. The entries from these lists will automatically appear in your inbox or schedule (if they have a date assigned). If you edit an imported task in Structured, the changes will automatically sync back to the Reminders app.

Export tasks

Tasks created in Structured cannot be exported into other apps. Currently, synchronization of tasks is only possible in one direction. To learn more, check out: Can I Export My Tasks?

Please note that this is a premium feature that requires ⭐️ Structured Pro.