Can I Export My Tasks?


This feature is not available on Android yet. 🤖

You can either export the data in Structured as a JSON file or generate and export a backup of your data. For now, it is not possible to print or export your Structured schedule to a printable format such as Excel or PDF.

Export Your Data As a JSON File

You can export your data as a JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) file.

  1. To export your data, go to your ⚙️ Structured Settings

  2. Scroll down to the About section and tap on Privacy & Permissions

  3. Scroll down to the Export Your Data section and tap on Export.

  4. Now you can export the JSON file and save it locally.

Can I Sync Back Tasks From Structured to My Calendar?

It is not possible to export tasks or events from Structured into a different calendar app. Currently, you can only import tasks from your calendar app into Structured. However, we are working on a solution that could make a two-way sync possible.