How to Backup And Restore Your Data


If you accidentally deleted some of your tasks, reset Structured, or something else went wrong, you can retrieve an earlier version of your Structured app by restoring a backup.

This feature is not available on Android yet. 🤖

Create a Backup

Structured will automatically store a backup of your data in your iCloud Drive once a day when the app is opened, as long as iCloud Drive in enabled on your device. You can learn how to enable iCloud drive by following this link.

If you don’t want your data to be stored automatically, you can disable this option and instead choose your own time point to save a backup. For this, disable the Back up to iCloud Drive option. To back up your tasks at any given time manually, you can tap on Backup Now.

If you don't want your backups to take up too much space, you can set a maximum number of backups by tapping on Keep Backups. In this case, the oldest ones will be deleted automatically. Alternatively, in the Latest Backups section, you can scroll down and tap on Tap here to manage or delete older backups in your iCloud Drive folder.

Restore a Backup

To restore a backup, go to the ⚙️ Structured Settings, tap on Advanced in the General section and select Backup. Here you can select a date and time from the list with your latest backups. By tapping on one of the backups, you can either restore this version of tasks on your device or export this backup to save or share it. The exported file can be opened on another device to restore the backup there or kept in a separate location for later use.

Other Ways to Restore Data

As of now, it is only possible to retrieve data that was stored via iCloud. If you did not enable iCloud Drive or did not create any backups in general, there is nothing we can do on our side, as we don't store or have access to your sensitive data.