How to Sync Structured Across Your Devices


This feature is not available on Android yet. πŸ€–

To automatically sync your tasks across all of your Apple devices, you can either use Structured Cloud or iCloud. That way, you can plan your day on your iPad, edit them on your Mac device, keep an eye on your schedule on your Apple Watch and check off completed tasks on your iPhone.

The best thing about the sync is, that it completely free and doesn't require Structured Pro.

iCloud Sync

You can use Apple's iCloud to sync your tasks across your Apple devices. The iCloud sync is set as the default sync in your Structured app.

Set Up iCloud Sync

Check iCloud Sync Status

Usually, iCloud Sync is already set up on your device and your Structured data is syncing automatically. To check the sync status, go to the iCloud Sync section of your βš™οΈ Structured Settings.

The iCloud Sync Status should say Syncing… or Fully synced. If it instead states Not logged into iCloud, you might have deactivated iCloud Drive or denied Structured accessing your iCloud.

Enable iCloud Sync For Structured

  1. Go to your βš™οΈ Settings App and navigate to the iCloud settings.

  2. Ensure that iCloud Drive is activated and that you have a sufficient amount of free storage on your iCloud Drive.

  3. Furthermore, you have to allow Structured to use iCloud. To do so, go to the list of apps using iCloud and toggle the button for Structured.

Troubleshooting iCloud Sync

If iCloud Sync is not properly syncing your Structured data, check out: My iCloud Sync is Not Working.

Structured Cloud Sync

The Structured Cloud is our own sync solution that allows you to synchronize your schedules quickly and seamlessly between your Apple devices. Enabling it is quick and easy.

Please note that Structured Cloud sync is only available from Structured version 3.4.3 onward.

Set Up Structured Cloud Sync

Enable Structured Cloud

To sync your devices with Structured Cloud, you have to first enable Structured Cloud.

  1. Open your βš™οΈ Structured Settings.

  2. Tap on Advanced in the General section.

  3. Head over to πŸ” Structured Cloud in the Experimental Features section.

  4. Toggle the Enable Structured Cloud button.

Now, Structured Cloud is enabled as your sync instead of iCloud, but you still need to log in to Structured Cloud. Follow the provided steps below.

Log In to Structured Cloud

In the next step, you need to log in to Structured Cloud on all of your devices.

  1. Open your βš™οΈ Structured Settings.

  2. Tap on πŸ” Structured Cloud in the General section.

  3. Insert your email address in the @ Email field and tap on Continue.

  4. You will now receive an email to finish the log-in. Either tap the provided link or copy and paste the provided 6-digit code into your Structured app in the πŸ”‘ One Time Code field.

  5. Tap on Submit. Now the Syncing starts and is finished as soon as the sync status says Fully Synced.

Usually, your devices should sync automatically now. If you want to manually sync your devices, tap on the Sync now button below the Sync status field.

Please note that you have to log in on each device individually using the same email address. The 6-digit code is only valid for the device you are currently attempting to log in to the Structured Cloud.

Log In on Apple Watch

If you enabled Structured Cloud on your iPhone, your Apple Watch will recognize it automatically. However, you still have to log in to Structured Cloud on your Apple Watch as well.

  1. Swipe to the far-right screen in your Structured Watch app.

  2. Type in the email address you have used to sync your other devices in the Email field and tap on Continue.

  3. Enter the 6-digit code you received via email in the One Time Code field and tap on Login.

  4. Now the Syncing starts and is finished as soon as the sync status says Fully Synced.

Troubleshooting Structured Cloud Sync

If your Structured Cloud Sync is not properly syncing your Structured data, check out: My Structured Cloud Sync is Not Working

Structured Cloud Limitations

Please note that the Structured Cloud is still an experimental feature in the beta phase. If you experience any issues, check out this article: Report Bugs

Sync Limitations

As of now, only Apple devices (iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple Watch) can be synced with Structured Cloud or iCloud.

However, we are planning to expand the Structured Cloud sync additionally for Android devices and our upcoming Web version. Eventually, you will be able to sync your Structured timeline and tasks regardless of the operating system.

Moreover, it is not possible yet to share data or collaborate with other Structured users.

Keep an eye out to our Roadmap and our Social Media channels to stay up to date.