How to Sync Structured with iCloud

This feature is not available on Android yet 🤖

Structured uses iCloud Drive to automatically synchronize your tasks across all of your devices. That way, you can plan your day on your iPad and check off completed tasks on your iPhone.

Set up iCloud Sync

Normally, iCloud Sync is already set up on your device and your Structured data is synchronizing automatically. To check the status of the synchronization, go to the iCloud Sync section of your ⚙️ Structured settings.

The iCloud Sync status should say Syncing… or Fully synced. If it instead states Not logged into iCloud, you might have deactivated iCloud Drive or denied Structured the access to iCloud.

To enable iCloud Sync for Structured, go into your device's settings and navigate to the iCloud settings. Ensure that iCloud Drive is activated and that you have a sufficient amount of free storage on your iCloud Drive. Furthermore, you have to allow Structured to use iCloud. For this, go to the list of apps using iCloud and activate the switch for Structured.

This feature can be used to synchronize your Structured data across all of your devices. However, as of now it is not possible to share your data between different Apple IDs or iCloud accounts. As iCloud is a feature of iOS, the synchronization is not possible on Android. However, we are working on a solution to synchronize data across iOS and Android.


If iCloud Sync is not properly synchronizing your Structured data, go to the iCloud Sync section of your ⚙️ Structured Settings and check the synchronization status. Then check out: My iCloud Sync is not working to learn how to fix the problem.