My iCloud Sync Is Not Working

To keep all your devices up to date, we currently use iCloud to sync your data. Sometimes the automatic iCloud sync doesn’t work, and new tasks don't appear on your other devices. Unfortunately, there is not much we can do, as iCloud is provided and managed by Apple. Nevertheless, there are a couple of things you can try to get it working. Make sure to check the following steps on all of your devices.

iCloud Sync Status

Open the ⚙️ Structured Settings and head over to the iCloud Sync entry in the General section. This will open a page with your current syncing status at the top. Usually, the syncing status should either say Fully synced, meaning the sync is up-to-date, or Syncing..., meaning that the sync is currently in progress. In the latter case, please wait until the syncing status changes to Fully synced. If this is not the case, check out the troubleshooting tips below.

Devices updated?

In general, please check if all of your devices have the most recent Structured version as well as the latest iOS, iPadOS, macOS and / or watchOS, as not updated devices usually cause a lot of trouble.

Check your Internet connection

iCloud sync requires a working internet connection to work. If the status is displaying No internet connection or any other error message, ensure you are connected to the internet. Maybe check if some websites are actually loading.

Check if iCloud is enabled

If the status page is displaying Not logged into iCloud, then you will need to check your iCloud settings. Head over to your device’s ⚙️ Settings and ensure your account appears at the very top. Now go to your account by tapping on your name and then iCloud. Please check in the Apps Using iCloud section that iCloud Drive and Structured are enabled. You can find out if Structured has access enabled when tapping on Show All and scrolling down to Structured.

iCloud storage

In addition, make sure you have enough iCloud storage left in your account. Structured doesn’t take up too much space in your iCloud, but needs some to work. If your iCloud is full, check your iCloud storage plan or try to delete some stuff you no longer need.


Sometimes, iCloud gets stuck in an endless loop of Syncing…. If this status message is displayed persistently without changing to Fully synced, there is a workaround, which seems to rectify the issue most of the time: Open the sync status page on all of your devices and wait for up to 15 minutes. This should send iCloud back into its rhythm and result in the Fully synced display.

Error messages

If your iCloud sync status is displayed as Error while syncing or Not syncing, there is no simple fix, as this is not an error caused by you or us but by iCloud. Usually, it can be resolved by disabling iCloud sync for Structured in your device’s settings and enabling it again after a few moments. If this doesn’t work, try restarting the app and your device. In case the error message persists after you have exhausted all these measures, you might have to wait a day or two until Apple has mended their issues.

Apple Watch

If you have trouble with syncing your Apple Watch, go into the iCloud settings of your Watch and disable iCloud sync for Structured. After a few moments turn the switch back on. If this does not work, restart your Apple Watch. A common error on the Apple Watch is the issue of the iCloud sync status being stuck on Syncing…. To resolve this, follow the steps described above in the Syncing… section.

Sync is still not working?

Sometimes the iCloud sync is still not working, even after following all these steps. If that is the case, you could as a last resort try the following steps. Please keep in mind, that deleting the app may delete all of your tasks. You won't be able to restore them.

  1. Uninstall Structured on all of your devices (please ensure you have created a backup in your in-app setting before)

  2. Log out of iCloud on all of your devices

  3. Log in to iCloud on all of your devices

  4. Install Structured on all of your devices

  5. Enable iCloud for Structured as described above in the Check if iCloud is enabled section

  6. Open the iCloud sync status window in the ⚙️ Structured Settings on all of your devices

  7. Wait for 15 minutes

Upcoming Structured Cloud

As there are some persistent hiccups with iCloud and the syncing of Structured data, we are currently working on building our own cloud. This will hopefully resolve many issues and simplify synchronization of Structured across all of your devices.