What is the Structured Cloud?


The Structured Cloud is our own sync solution that allows you to synchronize your schedules quickly and seamlessly between your Apple devices.

Structured Cloud

With Structured 3.4.3 we introduce Structured Cloud as an additional, more reliable and faster sync alternative to iCloud. Now, syncing your devices works through logging in via an email address. Moreover, with this new sync solution, Structured will keep your schedule seamlessly up to date, as Structured Cloud enables background syncing.

You can learn more about the Structured Cloud and its great features in our recent Blog post.

Enable Structured Cloud

You can learn how to enable the Structured Cloud in this article: How to Sync Structured Across Your Devices.


As of now, only Apple devices (iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple Watch) can be synced with Structured Cloud.

However, we are planning to implement the sync additionally for Android devices and our upcoming web version. Eventually, you will be able to sync your Structured timeline and tasks regardless of the operating system.