How to Add a Structured Widget


The Structured widgets provide you with a convenient way to keep track of your tasks without having to open the Structured app. You can choose from a selection of different types of widgets, depending on what helps you to stay organized and what best fits into your home screen or lock screen.

Following, you can learn how to add widgets to your home screen and your lock screen.

This feature is not available on Android yet. ūü§Ė

Home Screen Widgets

Home screen widgets are practical to receive a simplified overview of your next tasks without accessing the app.

Add a Widget to Your Home Screen

To add a Structured home screen widget, follow these simple steps:

  1. When you are on your home Screen, tap and hold a widget or an empty area until the apps jiggle.

  2. Tap the plus symbol in the upper-left corner.

  3. Select Structured from the list of apps, choose a widget, and tap Add Widget.

  4. Tap Done

Home Screen Widget Types

There are several widget types you can add to your home screen, depending on your preferences:

  • The¬†Timeline Widget displays your timeline of the current day, including your all-day tasks.

  • With the¬†Inbox Widget,¬†you can get an overview of the tasks that await you in your inbox. Both the timeline and the inbox widget come in three different sizes.

  • With the¬†Single Task Widget,¬†you can see only your current task.

  • Another version of this widget is the¬†Sub Task Widget, which also displays every subtask of your current task.

Since iOS 17, you can also interact with your widgets. Meaning, when tapping on a task, the respective task will be opened in your Structured app. Moreover, you can check off tasks (and subtasks) by tapping the circle next to the task's title and add new tasks from the widget.

Note that this only works for the larger widgets, as on smaller widgets the check mark is not displayed. Here, tapping the tittle of the task will toggle the task. Tapping on the icon will open the task in the app.

Edit & Remove Home Screen Widgets

To customize your home screen widget, tap and hold the widget for one second, then tap on Edit Widget. For the Timeline Widget, you can decide whether you want it to display your all-day tasks and if you want the plus sign in the lower-right corner to be displayed. When editing the Inbox Widget, you can reorder your tasks. Please note, that customizing widgets is only available for iOS 17.

To remove a widget from the home screen, tap and hold it for one second, then select Remove Widget. Alternatively, hold the widget for two seconds and tap on the minus sign in the upper-left corner of the widget.

Lock Screen Widgets

Lock screen widgets are perfect to stay on track with your currently running task. When running busy, simply check your lock screen without unlocking your device, to see which task is on your agenda.

Add a Widget to Your Lock Screen

To create a lock screen widget, follow these simple steps:

  1. Tap and hold your Lock Screen until it enters the editing mode.

  2. Tap Customize at the bottom of the screen and then select the lock screen.

  3. Tap Add Widgets, select Structured from the list of apps, and choose a widget size.

  4. Tap Done.

Lock Screen Widget Types

There are two types of lock screen widgets. One displays the name of your current tasks, as well as the remaining time. The other widget is more minimalistic and only displays the current tasks icon.

They are interactive widgets, meaning when tapping on the task's symbol, the respective task will be opened in your Structured app. Moreover, you can check off tasks by tapping on the task's title. Please note that this feature is only available from iOS 17 onward.

Remove Lock Screen Widgets

To remove a lock screen widget, simply repeat the steps to enter the editing mode of the lock screen. Then tap the little minus symbol next to your widget.

Add Widget on Mac

You can also add widgets on your Mac device.

  1. Simply click on the date / time in the upper-right corner of your screen.

  2. Scroll all the way down and click on Edit Widgets.

  3. Now, you can search for Structured.

  4. Choose your favorite widget and drag and drop it to your screen on the right, or click on the little blue plus symbol in the top-left corner of each widget to add it.

  5. Click Done once you're finished.


If you are experiencing issues, such as missing, blurry or empty widgets, take a look at the following article: My Structured Widget Is Missing, Blurry, or Empty.