What is the Energy Monitor?


The Energy Monitor is a tool to monitor your daily available energy. You can learn how to enable and how to use the Energy Monitor here.

For every physical and mental activity you require energy. For example, doing sports and exercising but also reading, studying, and experiencing emotions can rob your energy. Having too little energy can lead to becoming tired quickly and therefore being unable to fulfil everything you have planned for that day or the week. The Energy Monitor in Structured helps you to deal with this deficiency.

If your energy battery drains fast or charges less well, for example due to stress, pain, age or the consequences of a brain disorder, it is important to be extra smart with your energy. Using your energy more wisely by planning well and carefully monitoring the balance between your load (tasks or events) and resilience (energy) may help to deal with your energy deficiency.

The Energy Monitor is a tool developed by Structured in collaboration with researchers and medical professionals of the Dutch institute Breinstraat. The Energy Monitor helps you to get a better overview of what you can and cannot handle in terms of energy in a day. By attaching Energy Points to your daily activities, you are regaining control.