My Structured Widget Is Missing, Blurry, or Empty


Sometimes Structured doesn’t show up as a widget option in your widget gallery, or the widgets are not updating. This issue is commonly caused by Apple. If you are facing issues with missing widgets or widgets that appear empty, blurry or not updating, check out the following troubleshooting.

Widget Is Missing

  • Ensure that your Structured app and iOS are up to date.

  • You can also try to restart your device.

  • As a last resort, you could try to delete and reinstall the Structured app. Please ensure to create a Backup before doing so, as this step might delete all of your data in Structured.

Widget Is Not Updating


  • Ensure that your Structured app and iOS are up to date.

  • Delete the widget, restart your device and re-add the widget

  • Add a smaller widget and check off one of your tasks in the small widget. This should trigger an update on all of your other widgets as well.

  • Alternatively, you can try to edit one of your current tasks on the widget and see if the widget is updating now.

Switch to Structured Cloud Sync

Another approach to resolve the issue with blurry or not updating widgets is our Structured Cloud, as an alternative to the iCloud sync. You can learn how to enable Structured Cloud sync here below the iCloud sync section: How to Sync Structured Across Your Devices