My Calendar or To-Do List Doesn’t Show Up in Structured

Sometime users face the issue that one or more of their calendars or to-do lists do not show up in Structured. There are multiple reasons why they are missing, which can usually be fixed easily. You can learn how to use integrations in the first place for calendars here and to-do lists here.

Devices updated?

In general, please check if all of your devices are updated to the most recent Structured and iOS version, as not updated devices usually cause a lot of trouble.

Syncing events and tasks takes time

If newly created or changed events and tasks are not showing up immediately, please note that sometimes it can take a while until your events show up or updated in your Structured timeline. Since Structured uses the Apple Calendar system, there is no way to manually refresh calendars or reminders, but you can change some settings to automatically refresh the events or to-dos more often:

  1. Head over to your device’s ⚙️ Settings app

  2. Scroll down to Calendar, then select Accounts and Fetch New Data (at the very bottom)

  3. Ensure your account is set to Push or Fetch (not to Manual)

  4. Select Every 15 Minutes at the very bottom.

Now your device will automatically refresh your imported events and tasks every 15 minutes and updates appear faster in Structured. Please note, that this option is disabled if you have Low Power Mode turned on.

Calendar not listed in Structured Settings

If the calendar you want to integrate is not listed in the ⚙️ Structured Settings in the first place, the calendar in question might not have been added to your device. To check whether your calendar is ready to be imported to Structured, see if its events show up in your Apple Calendar. If they are not displayed, follow these steps:

  1. Open the ⚙️ Settings app on your device

  2. Scroll down, tap Calendar and then Accounts

  3. Tap Add Account, select your provider, and enter your credentials

Now, your calendar should be ready to be imported into Structured.

Calendar still doesn’t show up in Structured Settings

By default, some shared Google calendars are not synced with apps. You have to enable them first on Google's end. To achieve that, click here, sign in to your Google account and select every calendar, you would like to sync.

After a few minutes, the calendars should now appear in the calendar list within the ⚙️ Structured Settings. If the calendars don’t appear in the list, open the Apple Calendar app and confirm that they are available there.

Please note, that some business or company calendars don’t allow third party access, which is why they cannot be imported to Structured.

Rejected calendar events still show up in Structured

If rejected calendar events or invites are showing up in Structured, you might have to change your original calendar settings so that rejected events don’t show up anymore. If an event shows up in your calendar, Structured will import this event, whether it has been rejected or not.

To-dos missing in Structured

If your to-do list is not showing, you might need to set up the account in the ⚙️ Settings app first. To do so, just follow these simple steps:

  1. Open the Settings app

  1. Scroll down, tap Reminders and then Accounts

  1. Tap Add Account, select your provider, and enter your credentials

Please note, that some to do providers are incompatible with Apple Reminders (e.g. Google Tasks), which means they are also incompatible with Structured. Furthermore, as some business accounts do not allow access from third party apps the to-dos cannot be imported to Structured.

Imported events duplicate

In case this happens, please check this article: My Imported Events Duplicate