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Plan your day on the big screen

If you are regularly working on an Apple computer or just prefer to plan your day on a big screen, you will love Structured on Mac! The macOS version of Structured has all the features of its mobile counterpart and you can synchronize your tasks across your devices. To download Structured on your computer, simply search for Structured in the Mac App Store or click here. Please note that Structured for Mac requires macOS 12.5 or later. For now, there is no Windows version of Structured available.

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Activate iCloud sync to synchronize your tasks between your Apple computer and your mobile devices. Even if you have already enabled it on your phone or tablet, you need to activate the function on your computer as well. You will also have to renew your permission for the Structured app to synchronize your Calendar and the Apple Reminder app, even if this was already set up on your mobile device.

Please note that it is only possible to synchronize the contents of Structured between your devices if you are using the same iCloud account or Apple ID on both of them. Synchronization between different accounts is not possible.

Structured Pro

If you have already purchased a Structured Pro membership, it will also be active in your macOS version. Simply make sure that iCloud sync is enabled for Structured on both devices. If your Structured Pro version does not automatically appear in your macOS version, check out: How to restore Structured Pro access?

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