What is the Structured AI?


This feature is not available on Android yet 🤖

The Structured AI is an AI-based tool, which helps you to organize your days even easier and quicker.

Write, Tell or Scan Your Plans

You can simply instruct the Structured AI about your plans written or verbally, and it will create tasks you can add to your timeline. Alternatively, you can also scan your physical day planner or to-do list and based on this, the Structured AI will create tasks to add to your timeline.

Therefore, the Structured AI can save time when you are planning your schedule and want to add multiple tasks at once.

Unleash New Possibilities

The new Structured AI unleashes even more possibilities in planning your days:

For example, when planning a trip to London, you can ask the Structured AI to create a schedule including famous sights, shopping sessions and coffee breaks. Another example is asking Structured AI to create a grocery shopping list for your favorite dish, as well as instructions on how to cook it.

As you can see, the possibilities in planning with Structured AI are almost endless.

Use Structured AI

You can learn how to use the Structured AI including all tips and tricks in this article: How to Use the Structured AI.

Language Support

The Structured AI supports basically all languages that are supported by Open AI. For verbal instructions, we recommend using the language the Structured app is set up to.

You can learn more about the languages supported in Structured and how to change them here.


The Structured AI is based on a large language model. Thus, depending on the quality of your instructions, the results may deviate. Try to be as specific as possible when giving instructions. You can learn more about this here.

As the Structured AI uses an external service, we cannot guarantee your network is compatible to use the Structured AI. If you experience any issues, check out My Structured Assistant Shows an Error Message.

Please note that the Structured AI is only available on Apple devices yet and requires Structured Pro.