How to Use the Structured Assistant


This feature is not available on Android yet 🤖

The Structured Assistant is an AI-based tool, which helps you to organize your days. Simply tell the Structured Assistant about your plans, and it will create tasks for your timeline. This can save time when you are planning your day and want to add multiple tasks at once.

Create Tasks

To create tasks using the Structured Assistant, follow these steps:

  1. Tap the little robot symbol in the top bar to access the Structured Assistant.

  1. You can tell the Structured Assistant your plans either via text by tapping on Use Keyboard, or via voice command by using the microphone symbol.

  2. When you are finished declaring your plans, tap on the square button to stop recording.

  3. You can then read what you recorded and if you are satisfied, tap Submit to send the text to the Structured Assistant. After a few seconds, the assistant will provide you with a choice of tasks it has created from your commands.

  4. For each task, you can either tap Add or Remove, depending on whether you want to add it to your timeline. If you are not satisfied with the tasks your assistant has created, you can also tap on Submit Again, to give the AI another try.

  5. After you have chosen the tasks you are satisfied with, tap on Finish to add them to your timeline.

The Structured Assistant can also add subtasks and notes to your tasks, for example items you want to buy on a shopping trip. However, it cannot change the color of the task, create recurring tasks, or set alerts for them.


Try using these tips when talking to the Structured Assistant to get optimal results:

  • Refer to specific times now and then. In between, you can also use relational terms. For example, say “I will eat breakfast at 8:00 for half an hour, afterward I will go to work.”

  • Say which day you are talking about. The Structured Assistant already knows the current day and time, so you can say “Tomorrow at 9 AM”.

  • List multiple things to create subtasks. This can be a grocery list or a morning routine. For example, say “I will do my morning routine, which consists of a shower, brushing my teeth and drinking a coffee”

  • Add notes by telling it more details. For example: “At 12, I’ll eat lunch at the Italian restaurant downtown”.


As the Structured Assistant is still an experimental feature, its abilities are limited:

  • As of now, the Structured Assistant only understands English.

  • For long requests, the Structured Assistant will take some time to respond. Structured will warn you if your input is too long. Then you might have to split it up into multiple requests.

  • The Structured Assistant does not know anything about your existing tasks. However, it will warn you if suggested tasks overlap with any existing task before you add it.

  • It is currently not possible to edit the task before adding them, but of course you can adjust them after adding them to your timeline.

  • Tasks that extend into the next day cannot be created with the Structured Assistant.

  • Sometimes the Structured Assistant can be overloaded, preventing Structured from connecting to it. This might lead to an error when you are trying to set up tasks.

Your Data & Privacy

This feature uses an external service by OpenAI to generate the response. Therefore, some data will be sent to our and OpenAI's servers. The data includes our query and an anonymous user identifier, and may be stored for up to 30 days on our and OpenAI's servers to help improve the feature. We do not sell any data or use it for anything else! Also note that the AI is always deactivated when you are not using the Structured Assistant.


If the connection fails, or you receive an error message, click here.

Please note that these are premium features that require ⭐️ Structured Pro.