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How to sync with iCloud

Learn how to enable iCloud to sync between multiple devices.


Structured uses iCloud Drive to automatically synchronize your tasks across all of your devices. That way, you can plan your day on your iPad and check off completed tasks on your iPhone.

Once iCloud Sync is activated, the synchronization runs automatically in the background.

Set up iCloud Sync

To use iCloud Sync, you first have to make sure that it is enabled on your device. Go into your devices settings and navigate to the iCloud settings. Here, make sure that iCloud Drive is activated and that you have a sufficient amount of free storage on your iCloud Drive. Furthermore, you have to allow Structured to use iCloud. For this, go to the list of apps using iCloud and activate the switch for Structured.

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To check whether the iCloud sync setup was successful, open Structured, go to ⚙️ settings and tap iCloud Sync. Under iCloud Sync Status, it will now say Syncing… or Fully synced, depending on whether the synchronization is currently in process or already finished.

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Structured does not save data from you, we only use the data in iCloud Drive.


iCloud is not syncing

If, after completing these steps, iCloud Sync is not working, check: Solving iCloud syncing issues

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