Structured uses iCloud to automatically sync your tasks across all your devices. That way, you can plan your day on your iPad and check off completed tasks on your iPhone (or the other way around).

You don't need an additional account, and the sync happens automatically in the background. If your devices do not sync, check out

to see how to fix this.

How-To Articles

Solving iCloud syncing issues
Solving iCloud syncing issues


My tasks are not syncing automatically. What can I do?

It can sometimes take a couple of minutes for every to fully sync. If it's not working after some time, firstly make sure that iCloud and iCloud Drive is enabled on both devices and Structured is enabled in the iCloud settings.

Secondly, check the iCloud Status in the app Settings and see

if it's not syncing or fully synced.

Does the sync count towards my iCloud storage quota?

Yes, because Structured syncs the tasks using iCloud, they will take up some space and count towards your iCloud quota. Since only text is stored in your iCloud, the tasks should only take up a couple of MBs.

You can check how much storage Structured uses in the Settings app, by tapping your account at the very top, then iCloud and Manage Storage. In that list, you should find Structured.

Can I sync my data between two different iCloud accounts?

Unfortunately, that is not yet possible. Currently, all device need to be logged into the same iCloud account.

I’m currently planning to move to another sync solution, which would make this a lot more flexible.