How Do I Change the “Wake Up!” and “Sleep Well!” Tasks?


“Wake Up!” and “Sleep Well!” are two recurring tasks that we created for you to have a frame around your day. They will be created when initially onboarding Structured for the first time.

Change "Wake Up!" and "Sleep Well!" Tasks

To change these tasks to fit your personal sleep schedule, tap on them and select Edit Task. Here you can change the time as well as the name and color of the task. Afterward, tap Update Task. When saving your changes, you are asked whether you want to apply them to only this particular one task, all future tasks of this kind or all tasks, future and past.

You can also delete the two tasks by tapping on them and selecting Delete. Here you can choose as well between deleting a single task or all of them.

However, if you don’t use Structured Pro, be aware that you will not be able to create these tasks again, as you can only create recurring tasks, after you’ve upgraded. If you accidentally deleted all of your “Wake Up!” or Sleep Well!” tasks, you can only retrieve them by resetting the app.

Pro Tip: Change the recurring interval to only weekdays and create new ones for the weekend. To learn how, check out: Create Recurring Tasks.


If you experience issues with editing or deleting the “Wake Up!” and “Sleep Well!” tasks, check out: I Cannot Edit My “Wake Up!” and “Sleep Well!” Tasks.