My Imported Events Duplicate


Sometimes imported events or to-dos from your Calendar or Reminders app appear duplicated in Structured. This can usually be fixed easily.

Device Up to Date?

In case this happens, please check if your Structured and iOS or macOS are up to date, as this often causes a lot of trouble.

Enable Import on One Device Only

Duplicating events typically occur when you use Structured on multiple devices. To avoid this, ensure to enable the Calendars and Reminders import on one of your devices only, preferably the one you are using Structured most frequently on:

  1. You can check this in your ⚙️ Structured Settings in the Integrations section.

  2. To disable the integration of your Calendars and Reminders, just deselect them.

With activated iCloud sync or Structured Cloud sync, imported events, reminders and to-dos from one device are still displayed on all other devices. We recommend using the Structured Cloud sync when importing tasks or to-do lists, as it performs background syncing, which is not possible with iCloud sync yet.