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Time zones

Adjust the time zones of your tasks

In Structured, you can change the timezone a task is set. Here is everything you need to know if you are traveling to a different timezone or want to create a task for an event that takes place outside your own timezone.

Floating timezone

By default, a task created in Structured is set to floating timezone, meaning that the set time adjusts to the timezone you are currently in. When you set a task for 7 AM, it will always be displayed at 7 AM, regardless of what timezone you might travel to.

Set a task in a different timezone

You can set a task to a timezone then you are not currently in. This can be helpful if you are, for example, planning a video call with someone in a different timezone.

To set a task in a different timezone, simply use the More… button in the time selection area when you are creating a task, then select Set Timezone. Here, you can search for a city or timezone you want your tasks to be set in.

Notion image
Notion image

After selecting a timezone and creating the task, it will be displayed in your timeline at the point in time it is going to take place in your timezone. By tapping the task, you can see the time you have selected for it in the other timezone.

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Imported tasks

Tasks that you imported from your calendar app are often set in a fixed timezone instead of the floating timezone. You can change this by adapting the settings of your calendar app.

For more information on imported tasks, see: How to import a calendar into Structured

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