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How to reset Structured

You can reset your Structured app in case you have encountered a problem with the app or if you simply want to start over with the organization of your tasks.

Resetting Structured

By resetting your Structured app, you will delete all of your tasks on your timeline and in your inbox, as well as every setting that you have used to personalize Structured. Overall, after the reset, Structured will look like it did right after you downloaded it from the App Store.

Please be aware that this process is not reversible. Once you reset Structured, you will not be able to recover your lost data.

To reset Structured, go to the ⚙️ settings and tap on Advanced. Here, you can select the option Reset App.

Notion image
Notion image

Usually, your Structured Pro subscription should still be available after resetting the app. If you somehow lost your Structured Pro access in the reset process, check out Restore Structured Pro.

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