Share Your Diagnostic Data for Support

If you have encountered a problem with your Structured app, it might be helpful to share your Diagnostic Data. Since Structured doesn’t collect any personalized data, this is the best option to enable the customer support to investigate your problem.

How to share Diagnostic Data?

Go into the ⚙️ Structured Settings and select the Help & Feedback entry. Here, tap Share Diagnostic Data to send your data via email to the customer support.

When to share Diagnostic Data?

In order to help the customer support to solve your problem, you should share your diagnostic data whenever you have technical issues with the app or the Structured pro plan.

What is shared?

The diagnostic data will include a copy of all your Structured data. The names of your tasks, however, will be encrypted, ensuring that no one will be able to read them. Additionally, your random user identifier is shared, which will allow us to check your payment status. Also included will be some logs of notifications, iCloud, and an overview of which settings you have enabled.

This data will only be used to help solve your problem and will not be shared with any third parties.