How to Connect Your Structured with one sec

This feature is not available on Android yet 🤖

While studying or working, opening social media apps are a reliable way to disrupt your concentration. The app onesec helps you with breaking unconscious social media habits by giving you one moment to think about whether you really want to open a potentially distracting app.

Structured & one sec

By integrating one sec into Structured, you can even take it one step further and completely deny yourself access to any social media app while you are working on a task. Once you have completed your task or if you don’t have anything scheduled, you can access social media using the normal one sec interventions.

Integrate one sec

After downloading one sec, you can link it to Structured. Go into your ⚙️ Structured Settings and select the entry one sec. Here, tap on Link with one sec. Before the two apps can be linked, you need to ensure that both of them have access to your calendar, as we use the Apple Calendar to share data between the two apps.