I Cannot Download Structured


Sometimes users experience issues downloading the Structured app onto their devices. This might be due to an outdated operating system, or because the app is not available in the local App Store.

Availability in App Stores

In general, please note that Structured is only available to download on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store yet. It is only possible to download the most recent version of Structured.

Device Up to Date?

If Structured does not appear in your respective App Store, the issue may be resolved by updating to the most recent iOS, macOS, or Android version or simply restarting your device.

Check Compatibility

Structured is not available for older iOS, macOS or Android operating systems. You can learn more about the required operating systems here: With Which OS Is Structured Compatible?

Still Cannot Download Structured

In case you still cannot download Structured, please try the following steps provided by Apple or the Google Play Store.