My Structured App Shows the Wrong Date


In rare cases, the Structured app shows an incorrect date, meaning the date does not match the weekday. Usually, this can be fixed easily.

Device Up to Date?

First, ensure your device and Structured app are up to date. Usually, it also helps to restart your device or reinstall the Structured app. Please ensure you created a backup before reinstalling.

Structured Still Displays Incorrect Date

You could also try to change the weekday your Structured calendars should start on.

  1. Go to your ⚙️ Structured Settings

  2. Head over to Advanced in the General section.

  3. Tap on First Day of the Week and choose an alternative weekday.

  4. Restart the app and follow the first three steps above to set it back to your preferred weekday.

Now, the Structured calendar should show the correct day.