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Focus mode

Focus on your task without distractions

If you have an important task ahead and want to be able to concentrate on it, you can use the Focus mode to do so. This mode allows you to fully focus on your task without distractions.


Activate Focus mode

To activate the Focus mode, you can tap on an ongoing task and use the Focus now button. For the duration of the task, a countdown showing your progress will fill your screen, making it easier for you to stay focused. While the Focus mode is active, you will not be able to use any other function of Structured and the progress of your task will be displayed on the lock screen of your phone.

Notion image
Notion image

If you are using Structured on the iPhone 14 Pro or iPhone 14 Pro Max, your focused task will also be displayed in the dynamic island when closing Structured.


End Focus mode

When you have finished your task, you can tap Complete to end the focus mode. Otherwise the focus mode will end automatically after the countdown is over. If you want to cancel the focus mode before you have finished your task, you can tap the X in the upper right corner.

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