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Create recurring tasks

Plan repeating tasks & events

This is a premium feature which requires Structured Pro.

We all have some things, we want to do regularly. Maybe you would like to stretch every morning, or always have a certain class on Mondays. Whatever it is, part of our schedule repeats itself over and over again.

To avoid creating the same task every week (or even forgetting it one week), you can create recurring tasks. These tasks repeat on a given schedule (daily, weekly or monthly) and will automatically appear at the assigned time.

Creating those tasks is super easy, let quickly go through it.

Creating a recurring task

To get started, just create a normal task, using the ➕ button, and enter a title, time, and duration (also color and notes if you like).

Now you can choose in what interval to repeat the task, by selecting Daily, Weekly, or Monthly in the picker below the How often? title.

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After that, you can already hit Create Task and the task will appear every day, week, or month.


Setting a different interval

Sometimes the weekly interval isn't quite right (maybe you have weekly alternating classes). If that's the case, you can adjust the interval to Every 2 weeks by tapping the plus below the picker. The same works, if you want to work out Every 3 days or celebrate a birthday Every 12 months (also called yearly 😜).

Another adjustment you can make, is to repeat the task on certain days of the week. Simply select the Weekly option and select every weekday your tasks needs to get done.

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This can be super useful for having a different schedule during the week and on weekends.


Adjusting the start and end date

By default, a recurring task starts on the day you created it and runs indefinitely. If that's not what you need, you can tap the Starting on ... text on the right and adjust the start and end date. There you will also see how often a task will be repeated.

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Updating a recurring task

When your plans change, you might need to update a recurring task. To do so, you can just go ahead and edit the recurring task, like any other task. Once you hit the Update Task button, you'll be presented with three different options.

  • Update this task only: Tapping this, will only change the task which you initially selected. Task on other days will not be affected. But this will mean, that this task will now be detached, meaning it does no longer belong to the other recurring instances.
  • Update all future tasks: This will apply the changes to all the tasks after and include the task you selected. The previous task will become their own and will also not be affected by any subsequent changes.
  • Update all tasks: This will change every task. Past, present, and future. If you just want to correct some previous mistake, I'd always use this option.
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