My Structured Is Freezing on macOS

Recently, a few users experienced issues in terms of freezes when using Structured on macOS Monterey 12.6 and 12.7. The freezes appear as soon as the Apple Calendar or Apple Reminders integration is activated. Luckily, there is a workaround to deal with this issue without losing the Calendar or Reminders integration.

The easiest solution is to update your Mac device to the most recent available macOS version.
In case you cannot update your Mac device any further than macOS Monterey, please try the following:

  1. Open your Mac device's ⚙️ System Settings

  2. Head over to ✋ Privacy & Security

  3. Click on Calendars and / or Reminders

  4. Revoke Structured's access to Calendar and / or Reminders

After revoking the access, the freezing of Structured should stop.

If you still want to integrate your calendars and to-dos into Structured, you need another Apple device that runs under the same Apple ID. When activating the Calendar and / or Reminders sync on another device, the events and to-dos will also be displayed on your Mac device, as long as you have activated iCloud sync.