Can I Share My Schedule?


Yes, you can share your schedule by using the calendar integration.

Sharing Using Calendar Integration

To share tasks with other Structured users, you can use the calendar integration feature of Structured Pro. In some calendar apps (e.g. Google Calendar, Outlook), you can create a shared calendar, which you can then import into Structured.

Click here to learn How to Import Your Calendars into Structured. Some Calendars might require you to activate a third-party access first, for this check out: My Calendar or To-Do List Does Not Show Up in Structured.

Collaborating With Other Structured Users

As of now, you cannot share your entire Structured timeline with other Structured Users. However, this might be possible in the future as we have recently introduced our own Structured Cloud sync. The Structured Cloud can only sync Apple devices yet, but eventually, the sync options will be expanded to other operating systems as well.

For more information on features that we are working on right now, check out the Structured Roadmap. If you are interested, you can sign up to receive updates on our current projects.