Can I Still Use iCloud Sync Instead of Structured Cloud?


With Structured 3.4.3 we introduced Structured Cloud as an additional, more reliable and faster sync alternative to iCloud. However, if you cannot upgrade to Structured version 3.4.3 or prefer to use iCloud you can still do so.

Default Sync

As the Structured Cloud is still a beta feature, iCloud sync will be the default sync in your Structured app.

Switch Between iCloud and Structured Cloud Sync

If you enabled Structured Cloud sync in the past, you can always go back to iCloud sync.

  1. Go to your ⚙️ Structured Settings

  2. Head over to Advanced

  3. Tap on Structured Cloud in the Experimental Features section, and disable the Structured Cloud sync.

Now you will see the iCloud sync again in your ⚙️ Structured Settings.