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Can I use Structured on Android/Windows/macOS/Apple Watch?

Currently, Structured is only available for iOS (iPad & iPhone). There is a

, which you can already test.

Since I'm working on Structured on my own, it's currently not possible to develop additional apps for Android or Windows. Maybe this will change in the future...

For more info about my future plans, check out the


My tasks are not syncing automatically. What can I do?

It can sometimes take a couple of minutes for every to fully sync. If it's not working after some time, firstly make sure that iCloud and iCloud Drive is enabled on both devices and Structured is enabled in the iCloud settings.

Secondly, check the iCloud Status in the app Settings and see

if it's not syncing or fully synced.

Can I repeat tasks only on certain weekdays?

Yes, if you select Weekly you'll be able to select on which weekdays the task should repeat. Check out

for more.

Can I get notified some minutes before a task starts?

Unfortunately, this is not possible yet. Right now, you can only be notified exactly when a task starts and/or ends. This feature is on my

Better Notifications
. Go and vote for it, if you'd like to see this.

⚠️  Known Issues

[FIXED in 2.0.5] The timeline is cut off at the bottom.

This issue has been fixed in version 2.0.5. Please update in the App Store.

For some users on iOS 14 using Structured 2.0.4, the timeline is blank at the bottom and some tasks are not displayed. This is "only" a visual bug, the tasks are still there.

I've already submitted a fix to Apple and they are currently checking it. An update (2.0.5) should be available very soon

The widget is taking a long time to update

Currently, widgets can sometimes take several minutes to reflect recent changes. I'm investigating ways to speed this up.

Still, got some questions?

If anything is still unclear, or you have any other questions, feel free to reach out to me personally.

You can contact me via or social media (see links below).

Please note, that I'm working on this app on my own and it can take a few days for me to respond. For feature suggestions and requests, please use the form on the


Pro Tip: Use the Share Diagnostic Data in the Help & Feedback section of the app. This will add data, which might help resolve your issue.

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