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Apple Watch

See what’s up next right on your wrist

Are you on the go without your phone or want to study without distractions? Structured can still help you stay on track!

With Structured for Apple Watch, your plan is always accessible right on your wrist. You can see your schedule & inbox, mark tasks as complete and also move them.

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Installing Structured for Apple Watch

Simply install Structured on your phone and make sure Show App on Apple Watch is enabled in the Watch app (on your iPhone).

The Structured app should now automatically appear on your watch.

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Adding Structured Complications

With Apple Watch Complications, you can see your upcoming tasks right on your watch face, without every opening the app.

Adding them is super easy, just follow the instructions here.

Structured currently supports three different sizes: A big one in the center of the Infograph watch face, a smaller circle (available in different watch faces) and a tiny icon in the corner of the Infograph watch face.

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Syncing tasks to Apple Watch

Creating tasks is not possible on Apple Watch (right now), but all your tasks should automatically sync via iCloud Sync On the first open, this can take a few minutes to complete. You can ways check the current sync status in Settings, by swiping left.

Also make sure that the iCloud sync on your phone is working properly.

For troubleshooting tips, check out Solving iCloud syncing issues.

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