How to Customize Your Structured App

Looks matter. At least for an app that is designed to make your life a bit easier. This is why there is a variety of settings that you can use to change the appearance of Structured to best fit your needs and preferences.

To access this realm of many possibilities, simply go to the ⚙️ Structured Settings and select Appearance. The top part of this section will show you how the modifications you have chosen will change the look of your app.


Choose between three types of layout for your timeline:

Full: With the default setting of the app, the time will be displayed on the left side of your tasks and you have the option of directly adding a new task into an open time slot.

Simplified: This mode will rid you of that option. You can of course still add tasks with the ➕ symbol but this way your timeline will look less crowded.

Minimal: Here, neither the open time slots will be displayed, nor the time on the left side of the tasks.

The option to simplify your layout may help you if you have trouble on concentrating on too many things at once, or if you simply prefer a cleaner look.


With the app color, you can customize the color scheme of Structured. Use either one of the most iconic Structured colors or create your very own custom color. Changing the app color will have no effect on the colors of your existing tasks.

There are three options for the background color of the app. The default setting is System, which means that it’s linked to the settings of your device. If your phone goes into dark mode at a specific time, the same will happen in Structured. Alternatively, you can choose whether you want your app to stay in light or dark mode.


In the Appearance settings, you can change the Structured font to OpenDyslexic. This font was developed for people who struggle with dyslexia and can facilitate some in their reading speed.

If you are using Structured on macOS, you can also adjust the font size in your ⚙️ Structured Settings. On mobile devices, the font size of Structured is linked to your device's settings and can only be changed there. To achieve this, go into the Accessibility settings of your iPhone or iPad. Here, you can also increase contrast, reduce transparency, or reduce motion, which will affect the animations in Structured. This can be helpful if you sometimes struggle with motion sickness.

App Icon

If you are using Structured on a mobile device, you can choose between a selection of different app icons. Please note that this is not possible on Mac or Android. You can either select the default icon in a different color or, if you feel nostalgic, switch to an icon we used in a previous version of the app.