How to Use Structured in StandBy Mode

With the update to iOS 17, the iPhone got a new feature: StandBy Mode. When your iPhone is charging and in a horizontal position, it will automatically enter this mode when activated. Here, your phone can display the time, pictures, or widgets.

Activate StandBy Mode

As a default, StandBy mode is already enabled on your phone. Alternatively, you can activate it in your iPhones settings in the StandBy section. Here, you can also activate Night Mode, which will result in the StandBy mode switching to a lower brightness and a red tint at night.

The Structured Widget

When your phone is in StandBy mode, it can display a Structured Widget that shows you today's tasks on your timeline as well as your progress on the current task. You can also check off your tasks in this mode without opening the app or even unlocking your phone.

To enable the Structured widget, your phone has to be in StandBy mode. By swiping horizontally, you can switch between three different screens, displaying either widgets, photos, or a clock. Make sure you are on the widget screen, and then swipe vertically to change one of the displayed widgets to Structured.

Please note that this feature is only available on iPhone with iOS 17 and not for iPad. For more information about StandBy Mode, check out the Apple help page.