Work With Me

Structured is an indie app, meaning I (Leo 👋) build it by myself without any funding or investors. For the past two years, I’ve mostly worked on it alone, doing everything from design, coding to marketing and business.

Being a one-person team gives me a lot of flexibility and freedoms, but it also slows me down. There are only 40 hours in a week and taking care of everything means, I can only spend a limited time on each topic.

That’s why I’m looking for people to help me improve Structured and join me on this journey.

I don’t have any experience working in a normal job (I’ve always been a working student) or managing people. That’s why I’d like to start by working together with fellow students or freelancers. If you fit the description and are interested, you can have a real impact working on an app used by hundreds of thousands of people and don’t have all the politics of a big company. And of course, I will pay fairly.

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, check out the open positions below and get in touch 😊

Open Positions

Android Developer (Working Student/Freelancer)