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Drag and Drop

Learn how to move tasks around easily and reorder your schedule with drag and drop

Drag & Drop is a new feature in Structured 3.0. Please ensure you are using the latest version.

Drag and drop is a powerful feature, which helps you organize your day. You can drag any task or to do by tapping and holding it until it pops out. Then you move it around the app and drop it in a supported place. Structured will display a preview, while dragging the task around to make sure you know where it’s going to be dropped.


Moving tasks with drag and drop

When your plans change, you can easily drag a task or to do to a new time. While dragging, a little preview will show which time the task will have then dropped. This can be helpful when your plans change, and you need to move a task back (or find time for it earlier)


Making a task all-day

When you drag a task or to do to the top of the timeline, a little space will open up where you can drop it to make the task an “all-day task”. You can do the same the other way around, if you want to give an all-day task a specific time.


Reordering inbox & all-day tasks

Thanks to drag and drop, you can now easily reorder your inbox and move the important tasks to the top. You can also take an inbox task and drag it down to the completed tasks, and it will automatically complete.

If you have multiple all-day tasks on a day, you can also reorder them using drag & drop.


Putting a task into the inbox

When you didn’t manage to finish a task, it's a good idea to put a task back into the inbox and reschedule it later. With drag and drop, you can easily do this, but simply dropping the task into the inbox or even just onto the inbox icon on iPhone. Pro Tip: You can hover a few seconds over the inbox icon to automatically open the inbox.


Moving a task from the inbox to the timeline

When you have found a time at which you want to accomplish a task from your inbox, you can use drag and drop to move a task from your inbox onto your timeline. If you are using Structured on your iPhone, start dragging the task you would like to remove from your inbox. Then close the inbox with your other hand so that you can place the task in your timeline. When you are on your iPad or Mac, you can simply drag the task from the inbox over to your timeline.


Moving a task to another day

When you drop a task onto a day in the week overview, it will automatically get moved to that day, while the time stays the same. You can also hover above the day a few seconds, and it will automatically switch to that day. That way, you can drop it into a free slot.


Creating a task using drag & drop

Did you know you can also drag the “Plus” button to create a task at a specific time? You can! Just drop it somewhere and the creation screen will pop up with that time preselected.

You can also drag an email or webpage into Structured, and it will automatically create a task for it and link it in the notes field.


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