💙 💛 Stand with Ukraine! 🇺🇦

Thanks to everyone who has bough last week, I was able to donate €22.000 🤯🤯 I distributed it in the following way: €12.000 to the Emergency Aid to Ukraine

€5.000 to Each One Teach One €5.000 to Queer Emergency Aid Ukraine More info below.

Ukraine is fighting off a Russian invasion and defending its freedom. Right now Russia is waging a war and attacking Ukrainian cities. Millions of people are suffering as a result of Putin’s attack.

To help those in need, I’ve donated all proceeds* from March 6 - March 12 to the following charities:

Nothilfe für die Ukraine (Emergency Aid to Ukraine)

This is a fundraising campaign for 50 charities and projects doing civilian aid helping within Ukraine and helping Ukrainian refugees. The campaign is run via the trusted German platform betterplace.org

Queere Nothilfe Ukraine (Queer Emergency Aid Ukraine)

This campaign from the German non-profit Aktionsbündnis gegen Homophobie e.V (Alliance against Homophobia) works together with local Human rights organizations to specifically help people from the Ukrainian LGBTQ+ community.

This Berlin-based organisation usually fights against the discrimination of BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color). Right now, they are helping BIPOC leave Ukraine. There have been several reports that they are hindered from fleeing.

To learn about more ways to help, I can recommend taking a look at this post from fellow App developers Readdle (I’m certainly not an expert on this).

If you have any feedback or know any other ways to help, please let me know under ukr@structured.app or on social media.

Slava Ukraini! 🇺🇦 🕊️

~ Leo

* Proceeds is the money after Apple's 15% and sales tax. Basically, all the money I receive from the app purchases.