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Why am I not getting notifications?

Things to try when your notifications aren’t working

If you are not receiving notifications, there are a few things you can check.

  1. Use the Open System Settings button and check if you've allowed notifications for Structured. Also, make sure that Banners and Lock Screen is checked.
  1. Are your notifications silenced? Check, if you have a Focus (like Do Not Disturb or Sleep) enabled. This will prevent notifications from being displayed. You can add Structured as an exception to a focus if you'd like. Find out more here.
  1. Check that Structured Notifications are set to Immediate Delivery and not to Scheduled Summary.
  1. Check the Scheduled Notifications in the in-app settings. If no notifications are showing up there, try to toggle the notification settings, restart the app and check again.
  1. Make sure you have upcoming tasks with alerts. If you are only importing tasks from calendars, it will not send notifications, if you have that option turned off.
Structured will only schedule up to 100 notifications
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