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Customizing Notifications

Make notifications your own and decide when and how you want to be reminded

This is a premium feature which requires Structured Pro

Alerts can help you stay on track and not forget about tasks. At the same time, it’s important to silence notifications to not get distracted by notifications from your phone. That's why, you are in full control of your notifications and can decide when you want to be reminded.


Start with default notifications

In the in-app Settings (behind the ⚙️ icon), under Notifications & Alerts, you can set up default alerts for your tasks. These will be used as a starting point for all your tasks. You can always adjust the alerts for each task separately (see next chapter).

To add a new alert, just press the Add Another Alert button and set the time. Make sure to hit Add Alert at the end.

Notion image
Notion image

You can also remove alerts from the list, by tapping the ❌ on the right. That way, you can also disable the notification at the start and end of a task.

You can also choose from different notification sounds, the setting for this can be found directly above.


Keep going with custom notifications

You can, for example, also change or disable alerts individually for specific tasks.

Simply scroll down a bit and add and remove alerts as described above.

Be aware, that after changing the alerts for individual tasks, they won’t be affected by changes to the default notifications.

Notion image

Notifications for all-day tasks

Since all-day tasks (see link) don’t have a specific start time, you can choose when to be reminded about them. Similarly to timed tasks, you can set up default alerts and also adjust them for individual tasks.

Notion image

Changing the notification sound

You can choose from over 20 different notification sounds. Simply go to Sounds and select your favorite one. You can preview them, by tapping the name.

Make sure your device is unmuted and your device’s notifications are not silenced for Structured.


Advanced Customizations

On top of the above options, you have a few more customizations to get the most out of notifications.

If you use the Integrations integration, you can choose if the imported task should fire alerts. For calendar events, the alert set in your calendar app is used.


Some smartwatches or accessories don’t display the title of notifications. Therefore, you won’t see the name of the task there. If you experience this problem, I recommend enabling Only use notification body to always see which task is coming up.


In case you use Structured on multiple device, but don’t want to get notification on every device, you can disable the Enable on this device switch. Please note that all other customizations are automatically synced across devices via link.


There are a few options, you can change in the Settings app. Just tap the Open System Settings button to get straight to the relevant section.

You can decide, where and how notifications appear, if they make sounds and if the name of the task is revealed (Show Previews) if the device is locked.

You can also choose if notification should break through focuses, by enabling Time-Sensitive Notifications.

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