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Provide Feedback & Report Bugs

Learn how to best provide feedback about Structured

Your feedback and input is crucial to develop Structured into the right direction. To better collect and sort any feedback, we’ve set up a Feedback Board where you can submit feature requests, vote on others and discuss them.


If you experience any problems with the app, you can also file a bug report there or upvote existing ones.


Open the Feedback Board →


What to report via the Feedback Board?

General feature request and bugs are best reported via the feedback board as it lets other user join the discussion, and we can better prioritize them via the upvotes.

If you are having problems with payments or specific issues you don’t want to share publicly, you can always contact use via the Contact Us button at the bottom.


Pro Tip: If you are contacting use, it can help if you include your User ID in the request. Learn where you can find it in Finding Your User ID.

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