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one sec integration sometimes writes events to shared calendar

To communicate with one sec (see How to connect Structured with one sec), Structured create an encrypted calendar event in your calendar (which one sec will then read).

Usually, this does not interfere with your calendar, as the event is scheduled far into the future, but for very small number of users, the event gets written into a shared calendar. We do extra checks to avoid this, but these are not 100% reliable.

If this happens, participates in the shared calendar might receive notifications about an event with the title “one sec <> Structured”.

We kindly ask anyone experiencing this issue to send us their diagnostic data (see link), so we can figure out how to fix this.

Meanwhile, please follow these steps to temporary fix this issue:

  • Let Structured sync the event to the wrong calendar (will trigger the notification)
  • Search for "one sec <> Structured" in the calendar app and move that event to a different (not shared calendar) in the calendar app.
  • Now Structured should keep it in that calendar 🤞
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