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Integrating with one sec

Automatically block social media apps while focusing!

What is one sec?

one sec helps you break free from social media, by forcing you to take a deep breath before opening those apps, or blocking them entirely.

It’s made by my friend and fellow indie dev, Frederik Riedel.


Download one sec for free →


When linking Structured with one sec, it will automatically block you from using social media apps while should be working on one of your tasks. Once you have completed your task or if you don’t have anything scheduled, you can access social media using the normal one sec interventions.

This can be super helpful for staying in focus and not getting distracted by Instagram & co.


How to link with one sec?

Linking with one sec is super easy. Simply go into the in-app settings by tapping the gear icon at the top and navigate to the one sec entry.

If you don’t yet have one sec installed, you can download it here.

Once installed, you’ll be able to tap the Link with one sec button, which might prompt you for calendar access (more about this below).

After granting, you’ll be forwarded to one sec, where you can customize the integration further.

You can also learn more over on the one sec blog.


How does the integration work?

The collab was the result of an idea Frederik had, to use the Apple calendar integration to share data between our apps.

We automatically create an event many years into the future (can you find it?) and put your upcoming tasks into the notes field. Importantly, all the data is encrypted and therefore can only be read by one sec.

That way, nobody else can read your data, and it never leaves your device.

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