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How to import a calendar into Structured

Learn how to add a calendar into Structured

This is a premium feature which requires Structured Pro

Structured can sync with all calendars compatible with your default Apple Calendar, including Google calendar and Outlook. All imported events from the selected calendars will be incorporated into your Structured timeline.

Import your calendar

To import the events of your device's calendar, go to the Structured Settings, and select Calendars. Here, you need to tap on Allow Full Access to enable Structured to access the calendars on your device. Now you can select the calendars you want to be imported into Structured. All events of the selected calendars will automatically appear in your timeline and be updated regularly. Please note, that Add Events Only permissions are not enough, and you’ll need to Allow Full Access for Structured to sync your events.

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Please be aware that syncing back to your calendar is not possible yet. Meaning that you will not be able to export tasks you have created in Structured into your devices calendar.

The import didn’t work?

Please note that sometimes it can take a while until your events are updated and show up in your Structured timeline. If you feel like the wait is too long for you, check out How do I make imported events, reminders or to do’s show up faster in Structured?

If you don’t even get to the waiting part because the calendar you want to integrate is not listed in the Structured settings, the calendar in question might not have been added to your device. To check whether your calendar is ready to be imported into Structured, see if the events of it show up in the Apple default calendar. If they aren’t visible there, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Settings app on your device
  1. Scroll down, tap Calendar and then Accounts
  1. Tap Add Account, select your provider, and enter your credentials

Now, your calendar should be ready to be imported into Structured.

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Issues with specific calendars

Google: As a default, some shared Google calendars are not synced with apps. Read here how to import a shared Google calendar.

Microsoft exchange: It is recommended that Microsoft Exchange calendars are only enabled on one device at a time.

Business accounts: Please note that some business accounts are not available in apps and therefore cannot be imported into Structured.

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