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Import Calendars into Structured

Learn how to import calendar events into Structured

This is a premium feature which requires Structured Pro.

Calendar events can be imported into Structured and will appear as normal tasks in your schedule. This can be helpful if you are planning your day around some meetings or lessons, which are already in your normal calendar.


Structured can work with the accounts, you probably already have added in the Settings app (to use them in Calendar or Mail), therefore Structured works with almost all accounts and enabling the calendar integration is straightforward.


Firstly, open the in-app Settings, by tapping the ⚙️ in the top-right corner, and then select the Calendars entry.


There you'll first have to Allow Access to calendars (maybe you already have) and will then be able to select all calendars, which you want to import into Structured. From those calendars, all events will automatically appear in your schedule.

Tap "Allow Access" and then "Allow" in the popup.
Tap "Allow Access" and then "Allow" in the popup.
Select all calendars, which you want to import.
Select all calendars, which you want to import.

Calendar is not listed


If your calendar is not showing up in the list, you might need to set up the account in the Settings app first. To do so, just follow these simple steps:

  1. Open the Settings app
  1. Scroll down, tap Calendars and then Accounts
  1. Tap Add Account, select your provider, and enter your credentials

Now check back in Structured, if your calendars appear in the list.


Please note, that some business accounts are not available in apps and therefore cannot be imported into Structured.

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