Provide Feedback

We appreciate any feedback and input regarding Structured! Your suggestions help to improve Structured every day.


Before you provide your feedback, you can check out our Roadmap. The Roadmap displays what features are coming up and what features have already been suggested. You can learn more about our Upcoming Features here.

Feedback Board

As we receive many improvement suggestions and feature requests, we have set up a Feedback Board where you can submit feature requests, vote on and discuss existing suggestions. This helps us to collect, sort and filter out all suggestions.

To use the Feedback Board, you first have to sign up or sign in. To hand in a suggestion, you have to click on Create A New Post and either choose the 💡 Future Request option for non-existing features or the ✨ Small Improvements option for suggestions regarding existing features.

Please note that we are a small team, meaning it might take some time to check all suggestions or to implement them. However, we are working hard on improving Structured every day.