Structured is translated into 30+ languages with the help of its great users! See the

for a list of them!

This guide explains how you can help bring Structured into a new language or correct some mistakes in a new one.

All translators will receive free access to
Thanks & Credits
Thanks & Credits
and will be mentioned in the
Thanks & Credits
Thanks & Credits
section of the app!

Getting Started with Crowdin

In order to manage all the different languages, I use Crowdin. If you want to help with translations, you'll have to sign up there:

After you sign up, you should be greeted by a long list of languages, like this.


If your language is already on the list, you are good to go. If not, contact me and I'll add the new language to the list.

Start Proofreading Translations

To save you time, all the text should already be translated by a machine (Google Translation, DeepL...). But since they aren't always perfect, the translations still need to be proofread by a real human.

Simply go ahead and select your language on the list. Now click the three dots (•••) and the "Proofread", like highlighted in the picture below.


You are now looking at the translations editor and a list of all "unapproved" strings (everything not checked by a human).

Here you can make corrections, by changing the text in the text field, and "approve" strings by clicking the checkmark on the right side.

Note, that after changing a text, you'll still need to press the checkmark to mark it as approved. After you've approved something the checkmark will get a slightly different background (unfortunately this is sometimes easy to miss).


Notice how sometimes, there are some special characters in the text (eg. "The simple\n<big>Day Planner</big>). These have a special meaning and need to also be present in the translations. Here is a short explanations for them:

  • %@ or %lld: Some strings have such placeholders. They are replaced by data in the app and should stay at the same place in the text.
  • <a>text</a> or <big>text</big>: These are for formatting and should enclose the same part of the text. The enclosed text will be a different color or size.
  • \n: These signal a line break in the text and should also be kept at the same position in the translations.
  • Plural and Singular: Very rarely the texts differ depending on whether something is plural or singular ("Copy 1 Task" and "Copy 2 Tasks"). For this, I always created a string for "zero", "one" and "other". If there are more plural forms in your languages, just let me know

Credits and Promo Code

Once all strings are approved, you can let me know and I'll add them to the app with the next update.

If you want, I will also send you a promo code for Structured Pro and will mention you in the


For that, simply send me your name, your country flag (as an emoji 🇩🇪), and any links, you want to be included.

Lastly, thanks so much for your help bringing Structured to more parts of the world and let me know if you have any questions!