Structured Pro

Structured Pro

Structured is a free app. You can use the app for free without ever paying for it (many do). There are no ads and I will never sell your data! To fund the development of the app, there are a few features, which require an upgrade to Structured Pro.

Structured Pro is NOT a subscription, you just pay once (price varies by region) and keep it forever!

To upgrade, simply tap the ⚙️ in the top right corner and tap the very first element. This will bring up the price page, where you can pay via Apple.

After upgrading, you will have access to the following feature:

Additionally, you'll be supporting my work and the future development of Structured. I'm a one-person team and developing an app costs a lot of money and time. So thanks for your support ❤️


How do I request a refund?
Will I keep Structured Pro when I switch devices?
Do you offer educational discounts?