About this Roadmap

Thanks for checking out the Structured Roadmap! I get asked a lot about new features, and what I’m working on next. So, I’ve put together this public roadmap. It helps me to be transparent and keeps me a bit accountable.

Please keep in mind, that I’m the only one working on the app (and I have to do other stuff as well). Therefore, it might take some time for things to get done, or I could notice have way, that something is too complicated, stop working on it altogether. So take this with a grain of salt and base any decisions on it.


I review the roadmap from time to time. Sometimes I add new things, change the order of things, or remove things.

You can vote for upcoming features on the roadmap, by filling out the survey below and selecting the feature you desperately need 👍 Please be sure to also check the Icebox for anything, which I’m unable to do at the moment.

If you have an idea for a feature and don’t find it there, you can select Sometime else in the form and tell me about it.

You can also discuss new ideas with me and other users in the



Focus Timer
A beautify, full-screen timer to focus on one task.
New Widgets
New Home Screen Widgets showing different views like the inbox or all-day tasks.
Auto-Move Uncompleted Tasks
Automatically move all uncompleted tasks to the inbox or reschedule them for the next day.
Siri Shortcuts
Control Structured with Siri and automate it with Apple Shortcuts.
Inbox Sort/Filter
Add sorting and filtering to the inbox.
Social Media Sharing
Create beautify image and videos of your schedule you can easily share with your friends.
Locations & Travel Times
Add a location field to tasks and use it to automatically calculate travel times.
Monthly/Weekly View
A monthly and weekly overview of your tasks.
Batch editing your tasks if you have to delete or change a bunch of them.
Deadlines in Inbox
Add deadlines to task in your inbox, so you don’t forget to schedule them.
Save groups of tasks as routines and place them in your schedule regularly.
Add Categories
Replace colors with categories. Basically, just giving them an (optional) name.
Habit Tracking
Add habit tracking and completing statistics to recurring tasks
Repeating Tasks in Inbox
Recurring tasks in the inbox, so that they for example reappear every week.
macOS Menu Bar App
Add a mini menu bar app to view the current task on macOS.
Nagging Reminders
While working on a task, Structured regularly reminds you to completed it.
Small Tweaks
Time Zones Support
When moving between time zones, some times don’t get updated correctly. Fix this.
Crash: Reminders Import
Some reminders are crashing them app when imported.
URL Scheme
Add a supported URL scheme to Structured, so other apps can integrate with it.
Auto-Scroll To Current Time On Today
Automatically scroll to the current time when jumping back to the current day.
Adjust Font Size on macOS
Allow the user to increase the font size on macOS.
Calendar Integration Improvements
Set color & icon per calendar. Hide declined events. View hidden events.
Show Day-Overlapping Tasks On Both Days
When a task happens after midnight on one day, show a mini version of it also on the next day.
Filter Imported Reminders
Specific which Reminders should get imported (e.g. only with certain flag)
Schedule in Time Picker
Show other tasks in the time picker when creating/editing a task.
Edit Color Presets
Change the preset color from the app and set a default color.
Cleaner Day View
Remove notes between tasks. Minimize completed events.
Improve Task Suggestions
When you select a suggested task, it overrides the normal preset time. This might not be what you expect.
Up Next
Drag & Drop
Drag & drop tasks to different times or days.
Flexible Timeline
Flexible Timeline
Make it easy to adjust your schedule if things change during the day.
In Progress
Better Sync
More reliable and fast sync between device (without iCloud)
In Beta
Lock Screen Widgets
Support the new widget on the lock screen in iOS 16
New Icon Picker
Better icon picker with search, categories and recently used.
Bug: Recurring Tasks Duplicate
Sometimes recurring task automatically duplicate on all days. Fix this.
Apple Watch Complications
Undo / Redo
Android App
A dedicated Android app for Structured
Web App
Use Structured in your browser on every platform.
Collaboration / Sharing
Share your schedule with other or invite others to work on tasks together.
Natural Language Input
Use the written work to create tasks. E.g. “Answer Emails for 15 min tomorrow at 10 AM”
Two-Way Calendar Sync
Sync tasks you create in Structured back to your calendar.
Two-Way Reminders Sync
Sync tasks you create in Structured back to Apple Reminders.
To-do App Sync
Sync Structured with other to-do apps like Todoist, Google Tasks or Microsoft Todo.
Markdown Support
Use the Markdown Syntax in the notes field.
Support attachments like photos and documents on tasks.
Analytics / Statistic
Analytics about what kind of tasks are created/completed. By name, color, icon, weekday etc.
Last Update: @August 2, 2022 10:42 PM (GMT+2)

The different statuses mean…

  • Features & Small Tweaks: I’ve thought about this and would love to do it, but don’t have any concrete plans yet.
  • Up Next: I plan to work on those next. But I haven’t done all the research, so it might still change.
  • In Progress: I’m working on this at the moment. I might still stumble upon problems, which make me abandon it.
  • In Beta: You can already try it in the
  • Released: It’s already out there. Go try it and let me know what you think!
  • Icebox: I’m not considering these (for now). They are either too big or don’t fit into the app at the moment. Maybe sometime in the future.


Can I use Structured on Android/Windows/Web?

Currently, Structured is only available for iOS (iPad & iPhone), watchOS and macOS. Take a look at

to learn how to download it on macOS.

Since I'm working on Structured on my own, it's currently not possible to develop additional apps for Android or Windows. Maybe this will change in the future...

For more info about my future plans, check out the