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Structured has a growing library of over 300 icons, which you can use to categorize and make them recognizable at a glance.

Whenever you create a task, Structured will automatically find a fitting for you using machine learning πŸ€–

But machines (like humans) aren’t perfect (yet), so you can also just tap the icon next to your title and choose from a long list of icons. Structured will also display recently used icons and let you search the whole library.

The library is compiled from different sources, and some were created specifically for Structured. A full list of all icons and where they are from can be found in


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Can I upload my own icons or use emoji?

Unfortunately, no. The way the icons are used in Structured, they need to be able to change the color. This is not possible (or tricky) with images or emojis. You can

if you are missing any.